We Miss Our Community!

For the past couple of months, behind the closed doors of the Salish Sea Market, there has been a lot of activity. Sharon and Cathy have been managing the endless administrative tasks and making sure the website is up-to-date, as well as keeping in touch with our artists. Simone, Cathy and Vivian spent time doing a complete inventory, which is difficult to do when we are normally open seven days a week. And it’s been the perfect time to freshen up the paint on the walls! So, I guess you would say it’s been quietly busy around here.

There has been an increase in all of our social media posting, to keep the community connected to the artists, and the artists to one another. This has paid off, since the phone is still ringing and people have been purchasing. Cathy has managed to do safe, no-contact sales on a limited basis, or ship as necessary.

However, we really miss the daily interaction of customers and artists coming to the market, and the community is missing us. Last week, while doing some reconfiguring of the market, we had the front door open, and people kept stopping by to find out when we were going to be open to the public again.

We are working diligently on the next phase, re-opening our doors and letting people enjoy the market once again. There is much to do to make this happen, like re-jigging the flow of “traffic” to allow for safe distancing, and installing safety measures for both our staff and customers. We are anxious to provide the same “market” experience in the safest possible way for everyone.

So, we hope to announce our opening very soon, and will be delighted to see your smiling faces once again!

by sarah j clark, conductor of comings and goings