Loris Nygaard's Wish Stars

Glass Artist Loris Dawn Nygaard has just launched her new project, The Wishing Stars, which have been in "a process of love, for many years!"

Last year Loris fell deeper into the concept of Giving Wishes as the best gift you could give someone … I kept having insightful conversations with holistic professionals, particularly Jeannie Spencer a hypnotherapist, and it became evident that I needed to find the best way to get that message out.

As I was dreaming of how to share a priceless gift of wishing, I was sitting alone at Muchalat Lake watching the moon rise. The sky started popping out all these glimmering stars, a gazillion of them. It was fascinating as I believed the Universe was encouraging me to believe in my concept of a small gift that encourages hope. Then, the biggest shooting star I have ever seen streaked across the sky.

I have experienced many magical moments of giving Wishes, and the responses were so full of emotion, I was always left with this euphoric feeling of happiness.

One night at a dinner party, I asked the hostess to close her eyes and open her hands. I placed the star in her hands and watched her relish in making her wish intentionally. When she opened her eyes she was charmed to see a star that will always remind her of that wish.

Another experience was with a friend celebrating his 50th birthday. After he opened his eyes I told him he could have as many wishes as he liked ... he responded with "This is the best gift I have ever received".

Loris has brought together her exquisite glass work with a passion straight from her heart, and the results are magical.

Who do you want to give a wish to? As Loris says, “anytime is a good time to give wishes”.

Because they are like a charm, and can be hung in many locations ~ necklace, keychain, rearview mirror, windows, off plant hangers or anywhere to remind you to keep your wishes front and centre.

It is a subliminal suggestion to forever believe, wish, dream, hope, and never ever stop, says Loris. Every time you see your Wishing Star, the choice is yours; cast a new wish, a re-wish, or set an intention formed by your heart and mind, a Sankalpa, (a Sanskrit word meaning: an intention formed by the heart and mind -- a solemn vow, determination, or will).

Loris reminds us: There is something very special in believing in our wishes.

We are delighted to carry these little treasures at the Salish Sea Market, and you can also see more right here!