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Arts and Gifts... Passion and Insight... from the shores of the Salish Sea.

The Market

We are the go-to destination to experience the art and culture of the Salish Sea – we are diligent storytellers for each of our 195+ local artists – our diverse collection is refreshed daily. We invite you to step inside our doors year-round and delve into our online gallery. Prepare to be inspired and to invest in your appreciation.

Art is an expression of culture ... the culture of the Salish Sea is thriving!

We love hearing from you!

"Incredible artwork, thank you for having me. I thoroughly enjoyed visiting the store. Tears of joy for the amazing work and talent."

- Toni, Australia

We love hearing from you!

"My eyes can't stand still."

- Catherine, Parksville BC

We love hearing from you!

"Joy and art -- what could be better?"

- Sandy P., Seattle, Washington

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