Meet Alex McLeod

We recently asked Alex McLeod's parents to share the story of their son, and his journey into his art. Barb and Dave treated us to the most wonderful, heartfelt response. It is truly is a note of gratitude and recognition to this community for the support and encouragement offered to Alex.  

Alex is a special young man living with autism in Qualicum Beach. He is a true local having attended Bowser Elementary, Qualicum Beach
Middle School and Kwalikum Secondary. His amazing community continues to support him in so many ways.   

In spite of his severe communication deficit, Alex loves to learn. With the support of his amazing tutors and community, he leads a full and rich life. He paints, plays piano and guitar, participates in the Qualicum Beach Triathlon and Victoria TC 10k annually and loves to hike, kayak and go snowshoeing. He volunteers and works in Qualicum Beach and has a busy Pet Treat business ( with product sold locally at Lighthouse Feed & Garden, in Bowser.

Alex started to paint with watercolours about 4 years ago when a wonderful young woman named Caitlin Duggan came into his life, as one of his home-based tutors. In line with how Alex learns, he progressed with support in a directed, step-by-step way, first drawing by referencing shapes then adding colour, mixing colours, adding texture techniques and developing his own whimsical style. He then began painting cards for friends and family. Sharon loved his guitar painting and encouraged him to get cards made offering to sell them at the Salish Sea Market. Violà, he was launched.

Since those early days, Alex has produced two popular Christmas collections, a Mexico set and was even commissioned to paint one of his prints on a wall in Mexico!

His latest foray is matted prints available at the Market now. Painting has definitely become a favourite activity for him.

The McLeod family is forever grateful to Alex’s talented tutors and amazing community for providing such rich experiences for Alex. He is living a life of dignity, purpose and options. 

Thank you to the McLeod family, from all of us at the Salish Sea Market, for sharing your gratitude and your talented son with us! He is indeed, a very special young man.


sarah j. clark
conductor of comings and goings