Oh so good to be back!

We are so very blessed by the appreciation for the market and how we connect the community to its artists. Being closed for two months really amplified how important we are to the fabric of this community, a responsibility we take both seriously and joyfully.

Our artists and customers do not hesitate to tell us how they feel about the store, their experience and how essential art is to the health of their world.

                                 “Yum. Yum. A store for the soul!” ~ Robin + Peter

               “Thanks for bringing this wonderful stuff all together. ART LIVES!”  ~ Kim

                        “Beautiful and Peaceful. Thank you." ~ New Westminster BC

   “This is one of the best art and craft galleries I have ever visited. The staff are pretty good too!
                              Best wishes from Margaret + Geoff, Derbyshire, UK

Since reopening, we have enjoyed a pretty steady stream of people who were more than a little anxious to get back inside the shop … to drink in the unique and calming atmosphere … starting with the fragrance of our soaps and continuing with so much to see and appreciate.

Although anxious to “get inside”, people have been wonderfully patient and respectful. If they’ve had to wait for their turn to come in, they seem to know that who ever was inside was in need of what the market offers, just as much as they were. That elusive experience we hear people mention all the time. A sort of calm and magical place … as one couple once said to me … “not like anywhere they had ever been before”. I have to agree. Warning: It may spoil you for anything else. ;-)

As people come for a visit from all parts of the island, the mainland, every province in Canada, and points all over the globe, we feel the love, perhaps even more than we did before, and we are grateful in ways that words do not properly convey. We will always do our very best to take all that love in, and share it generously.

And here’s a song to leave you with …

                                             ‘If I had a millions dollars’ …

                      I would spend a lot here! says Audrey from Chilliwack

Our thanks to everyone who is helping us create an intentional community, mindful of the importance of art being the heart of it all!

from the desk of sarah j clark ~ conductor of comings and goings …