What exactly is the Salish Sea and how did it get its name?

The Salish Sea is a combination of three bodies of water, stretching from Campbell River on Vancouver Island south to Washington State. In 2010, in a ceremony of reconciliation with the coastal First Nations, and Canadian and American governments, the Strait of Georgia, the Juan de Fuca Strait and Puget Sound were given the name Salish Sea. This is to honour and recognize that this area is the unceded territory of the Coast Salish nations.

During the ceremony, then Lt. Governor Steven Point said, “Coast Salish peoples have traversed these waters for thousands of years, and this name pays homage to our collective history. Today’s celebration reflects the growing understanding and appreciation of our cultures. It is another step in the bridge of reconciliation.”

The name was originally proposed by Bert Webber, a professor (retired) of Environmental and Marine Science at Western Washington University.

And although each of the three bodies of water retain their names, together they are now recognized officially as the Salish Sea.

Each and everyone of the artists we represent lives with “insight” of the Salish Sea.

We chose the name Salish Sea Market to reflect our love and gratitude in being able to call this this rich, diverse and creative area, our home.

Map of the Salish Sea & Surrounding Basin, Stefan Freelan, WWU, 2009

March 18, 2018 — Sarah Clark