From the Salish Sea to the international stage… 
Marianne Enhörning ventures out!

In the life of an artist there is constant shift, an ever-changing landscape of challenges and opportunities. First there are the myriad of ideas that come up, then there’s what to do with them all. The life of an artist is a pretty busy place.

Right now, Comox Valley artist Marianne Enhörning is one of those very busy artists. Busy with ideas for new pieces and stretching her reach into the world beyond Vancouver Island.

In February, Marianne participated in The Artist Project | Contemporary Art Fair, in Toronto. This was her third year of being chosen to show her original work. To be in this juried show of 200 artists is quite an honour.

How did she feel? “It was scary the first year, but now less scary. It’s a really fun event, put together so well. 18-20,000 people attend, so it’s a power-packed 4 days!”

Why this, why now? “A show like this one is a whole new avenue for contemporary artists. You know the people coming to the show are really interested in seeing what you’re doing, anxious to chat about the work. It also allows me to show work to a completely different audience, work that doesn’t get as much interest on Vancouver Island. Sales have been good.”

Now that Marianne is more comfortable with being part of something so large, she is branching out yet again and going International! In October 2018, she and her work will travel to California to be part of Art San Diego. This is another juried show, exclusively for original contemporary art. Marianne will concentrate on her large figure paintings.

This is yet another big step for Marianne and we are so delighted for her.

And if big shows weren’t enough excitement, Marianne is also in the process of moving to a new studio/gallery/art space in Comox. Ahhh … the ever-expanding world of Marianne Enhörning … it’s a wonderful thing to watch, enjoy and cheer on.

Congratulations Marianne!

May 11, 2018 — Sarah Clark