Charles van Sandwyk reads Fairies Christmas

Tis the Season for Charles van Sandwyk … but then again, it’s always the season for our charming and talented writer and illustrator!

This year Charles has opened his generous heart, and a copy of Fairies Christmas to read to you! Yes, right in your own home.

We have been so blessed to have such a long and wonderful connection to Charles. He has enchanted audiences at live readings in Bowser, generously spending time with people to sign their books afterward.

There is no other description for his work except MAGICAL. Each of his stories transports you to another time and place. You become fully immersed in the wonder and joy of the worlds he creates through words and images.

I love to embellish with borders and decorations.
I am often, and quite accurately, accused of over-romanticizing my subjects.
In all of my work I have tried to create a gentle world in which to escape.

Well, this is a good year to plan a little escape … so here we offer the recording of Charles reading Fairies Christmas. (Note: he did this for a young friends' school, but generously agreed to share it with us).

After listening to this, you might find yourself eager to obtain one of Charles lovely and luxurious books for your very own!

Here is a selection of what we have available at the Salish Sea Market.

An Unexpected Gift by Charles van Sandwyk
Animal Wisdom
Full Moon Eyes by Charles van Sandwyk
Sketches of Dream Island by Charles van Sandwyk

Tree Whispers by Charles van Sandwyk

The Fairy Market by Charles van Sandwyk

We hope you enjoyed the reading ... and if you search for Charles van Sandwyk online, you will find other fabulous readings too!

May this moment of joy last and last and last. 

All of us at the Salish Sea Market!