About the market

Launched in 2010, by three creative women residing on the shores of the Salish Sea, the Market has stayed true to its visionary roots as a year-round, destination marketplace for artistic expression, in all mediums – paint, ceramics, wood, glass, metal, jewelry, culinary, fibre, literature, photography and body care. All signature pieces are created within sight of the Salish Sea - the unceded territory of Coast Salish First Nations.

Nestled in the small village of Bowser, on the eastern coast of Vancouver Island, the shop has been intuitively designed to welcome visitors to an experience of a sense of place and cultural community, representing over 195 local artists.

Step thru our doors and be inspired… “Creativity takes courage.”  ~Henri Matisse


On deck
Salish Sea Team
Our team, lead by Sharon - Guide of Ebb and Flow, is well curated too! Meet our welcoming Salish Sea team who bring to the Market a wealth of varied 'past' life experiences - all arriving each day with the intention of emerging you in a memorable experience of the insights of the Salish Sea. As you weave your way around the Market you may be guided by any one of the lovely Salish Seastars, as pictured below.
Curator - Guide of Ebb and Flow
'Building a cultural destination in my home-town has been a real pleasure. Everyday I listen to visitors experience the collection as they discover the inspirational work of our local artists...it's actually very humbling to receive compliments, on behalf of the artist, we are truly trusted to relay their stories and bring to fruition the distribution of their work to far corners of our world. I am grateful for the privilege of acting as the Guide of Ebb & Flow in this insightful entity.'
Alchemist of Archivery
Simone has been by Sharon's side since the conception of the Market in June of 2010. She has been bookkeeper extraordinaire, as the "Alchemist of Archivery", keeping the Market administration on track and in shipshape.
Overseer of Circadian Happenings
Cathy began as a casual weekend Seastar at the Market in May of 2017, and turned fulltime as the "Overseer of Circadian Happenings" in January of 2019. 'I have found my "happy place", where every work day is amidst inspiration, creativity and gratitude, along side a fantastic group of team "Seastars". I actually struggle to call it "work".'
Convener of Conversations
Joining the Market team in October of 2016, Vivian brought with her many years experience in the retail industry, offering exceptional customer service Monday through Wednesday of every week. She is an expert on the more than 195 artists we represent, with a story for each one, hence the title "Convener of Conversations".
Assistant to Artful Acquisitions
Rhonda, as well, has worked in retail for many years, studied art in her youth, and has a creative streak in art and music. She became a Seastar on our team in April of 2018 and is a constant "Assistant to Artful Acquisitions" every Thursday and Friday year-round.
Conductor of Comings and Goings
Though Sarah does not physically work in the Market anymore, she is faithfully working behind the scenes on much of our very important graphic material, among other essentials. As well, she is the very talented creator of everything sold in the Market with a Mandala design on it. May you be fortunate enough to visit on a day that she comes by. She will offer a story or two that will leave you inspired.
Magician of Organization
Laurie is our newest Seastar, joining us in May of 2019. She is very creative, with a love for working with stained glass, and she has embraced her new adventure at the Market with great enthusiasm, using her administrative skills to help keep us organized.