Mismatched Feather Earrings
Wearable Art made from Bicycle Innertubes

Hooks : Surgical Steel
Drop Length : 2.5"
Code Item: E22

Description from Megan Rose Babb


Every time you take your bike to the shop to get a flat repaired, the innertube will be replaced with a new one and the old one will be thrown away. I want to give a new life to your used bike parts and tubes to create something you will be proud to wear.

These mismatched earrings are made from recycled bicycle parts. The earring on the left is made with a handmade bicycle innertube rose, a recycled bike chain piece with a one inch feather made from bicycle innertube. The earring on the right is a handmade recycled innertube feather. The earrings are 2.5 inches long. The jump rings are copper, making a nice contrast with the metal and black rubber.

All the necklaces and earrings are handmade in my home workshop on Denman Island, British Columbia, Canada. All the repurposed bike parts come from either my home bike shop or the recycling bins at local bicycle repair shops.

To inquire about availability:
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