Halvy Surf Board

West Coast Red Cedar and Mahogany Frame 
Quad Shortboard Pintail Glass-On Four Fin

5'11" x 20 1/2 x 2"3/4"

Herringbone nose and tail laminated rail, a woodworker's challenge.  The full outline gives this shortboard a generous planing surface for ease of paddling and stability.  The four fin setup allows for good control throughout the turn.  The fins are glassed on to a second layer of cloth if for some reason tragedy strikes and you take out a fin on the coral the damage will be repairable.   A superior high gloss finished wet sand polished to 2000 grit with a yellow cedar stringer highlight built around a marine mahogany frame four ounce cloth polyester resin constructed with below the water line glue expect this board to last.  It will be a standout on the beach as you make your way to the water expect compliments.  

Allen built and completed this board solo, giving it a clean, simple finish. The only paint you will find on this board is his signature... Halvy.

To inquire about availability:
1.778.424.2012 / insight@salishseamarket.com