We love to make things that people can enjoy forever.

Kent and Ashley Leontowich are inspired by the natural environment; simple, clean graphic design; and the art of sustainability. Their central focus is “upcycling” or the process of converting waste materials into art in order to reduce their environmental footprint.

We love the process of figuring out how to transform the disregarded into the home-worthy. Recycle, reuse and reclaim! Upcycling that is our mantra!

With their strong environmental ethic and a love for all things vintage, Kent and Ashley have created a signature style which appeals to the imagination of so many on the island and beyond. Inspired by the graphics of music posters, Kent uses his incredible imagination and natural talent to create a whole world of wonderful pieces. Ashley credits her late mother for the inspiration of the folk-art style they have developed. She was extremely talented and I missed seeing her work because she sold it all!

All works are hand painted on reclaimed wood and inspired by a love of graphic arts and design, and all things vintage.