Vancouver Island Hot Sauce

Our hot sauces are made by just the two of us (Eben and Karita Sedun) - no machines, no bottling equipment, no employees, just us!  

Eben and Karita Sedun literally fell into the hot sauce business by happy circumstance. It all started with their wedding where they made their own hot sauce as the wedding favours. After so much positive and encouraging feedback from family and friends, they decided to try selling a bottle or two ... and here they are!

Surprising in the world of hot sauces, Eben and Karita have created two flavours that enhance the food experience, instead of overpowering it. They both agree, this is a labour of love!  

When creating their sauces, they want to focus on three important elements: fresh flavours, local ingredients and a unique Vancouver Island experience.

What surprises them most about their culinary delights … How many people are enjoying them!