Tracy Kobus

I  reflect on how in the distant past, humans didn’t consider a relationship to nature any more than they would consider a relationship to their arm or leg. We were one.

Tracy’s acrylic paintings bring a contemporary perspective to the artistic tradition of exploring our relationship to nature and the mystery of wilderness.      

In my paintings, nature becomes the setting on which all our ambitions and feelings play out. Friendliness towards a tall cedar, wonderment at a river's flow, amazement at the colour of moss, sadness at the sight of tree stumps, elation or trepidation at encountering wildlife. A contemplative walk on a winding nature path becomes the first step to regaining our connection to this sentient world – to find it within and part of ourselves once again.

It is this essential connection to something bigger and more powerful than us, that Tracy wants to communicate in her paintings.

Tracy Kobus lives in Courtenay, and works in her home studio near the Puntledge River.

For the past ten years, I have been writing a monthly newsletter about my artistic process. This helps me and also offers a way to share and encourage other artists along their path.