Tammy Clark

I am a third generation crochet artisan, I learned to crochet from my mom and her mom, my Grandma Snow. 

Originally from Ontario, Tammy migrated to British Columbia in the late ’90’s, drawn by the ocean, mountains and the temperate climate.

Now at work in her studio, on majestic Vancouver Island, she visualizes each design before putting her hook to work. Working from home means Tammy can be flexible with her hours and be available for her two kids. 

As a third generation crochet artisan, I draw on the experience of my elders to help refine my craft. Crochet is a kind of meditation for me—a peaceful repetitive art. Handcrafting each unique item brings about an overall satisfaction to my day.

I truly enjoy what I do, putting much thought and love into each idea, pattern and the end design.

Snowy Tree Designs is named in honour of my Grandma Snow!