Sofie Skapski

Through the years, creating art has always been a huge part of my life.

Sofie received her art training at Capilano College, Douglas College, and the Instituto de Belles Artes in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, during the early 70’s. She moved to the Comox Valley in 2004 and began pursuing art full time. I now paint out of my studio at Art Alchemy Collective in Courtenay.

Trees reaching their branches up to cradle the sky; birds perching in a dappled haven of leaves; wild flowers unfurling from the undergrowth along a forest trail; waves crashing on rocky outcroppings along a lonely shore – these are the natural elements that nourish Sofie’s soul and form the creative undercurrent of her paintings. Inspiration flows from her travels – the diversity of plants and landscapes around this Earth, the variation of colour and light.

But this world is more than just an ever-changing landscapes, it’s people, caught in moments of normal, daily life, which round out my painting.

In January, 2016 Sofie moved from painting strictly with water mixable oil paints to mixing paints with cold wax medium, discovering texture along the way. This medium makes it possible to apply thick layers of paint that dry much faster than oil paint alone.

I’ve developed three styles with this medium: contour, mosaic, and layering. Each one an opportunity to explore, experiment and expand as an artist.