Shel Neufeld

Although I have learned many photography skills over the years, I still believe that my best work is created when I stop thinking and deeply connect to and experience the natural world.

The images Shel creates are reflections of the beautiful areas he encounters, from his backyard in Roberts Creek, to rare mountain views seen on month-long wilderness adventures. My repertoire includes a diversity of close-up and landscapes of plants, flowers, ocean, forest, and mountain scenes from across Canada. Through unique angles, along with a focus on interesting parts of particular scenes, my hope is to inspire others, and illuminate beauty that many miss.

After settling in Vancouver in 1997, Shel discovered Uts’am Witness, a collaboration of artists and the Squamish Nation.  For ten years he worked to bring the public to witness old-growth in the context of Squamish ceremony.  His photography took off as he experienced these rare and  Ancient Forests.

Each year, I spend many days wandering through Canada’s varied landscapes, discovering new beauty through my camera lens. I print most of my work, including canvas photographs, myself which allows me full control of my art. I do my own framing and stretching of canvas works. My work is printed using archival materials so it will stand the test of time.

Today I continue to photograph wild spaces across Canada, as my “witness.”