Sharon Ferreira

I have a deep desire to capture landscapes, nature, and wildlife as I experiment and practice painting and drawing.

Sharon's art journey began in 2010 when she discovered acrylic and oil paints. For  the last 8 years she has been creating, practicing and learning about painting by attending lots of local workshops.

In the summer of 2015, faced with a difficult decision due to a growing family and a big move, Sharon decided to stop painting until the children were at an age where she could have more time to pursue her creative work.

Only a month after I had made peace with that decision I uncovered a past gift of soft pastels that had been given to me in 2013 by my late Aunt. I had no idea what potential pastels held. Tucked away in an art cabinet all these years I heard them calling me. My curiosity got the best of me as I opened the beautiful wooden box filled with a rainbow of pastel sticks. I researched the brand and found they were fancy and expensive, which intimidated me, so back in the art cabinet they went, untouched.  A few weeks later that box was screaming to have me open it up again and test them out. I put my brave face on, grabbed a piece of printer paper (totally clueless) and watched a few how-to videos online.  As I watched how the artist in the videos blended and layered the pastels, I thought to myself: "I think I can do that!”. Deciding to stop painting opened a new door for me with a medium that really works in my busy schedule.

The second the pastel stick hit the paper, I fell in love.