Saratoga Woodworks

Rodney has been woodworking since he was a child. Growing up in rural Campbell River he always had a keen interest in designing and building things from wood.

As he got older, woodworking developed into a serious hobby and he began exploring design and function to create useful and long-lived practical pieces. Along the way, he was mentored by some experienced craftsmen and then began to explore different styles, eventually finding inspiration in the Arts & Crafts movement.

I have nurtured the Craftsman philosophy utilizing locally sourced materials, then crafting with respect for this valuable resource.

My passion for local woods began early in my career in the forest industry. While working up and down the west coast, I found myself in awe of the magnificent trees we have on this coast. This provides theĀ  inspiration for each piece of wood that goes into my furniture.

Designing and building our first home led me to my first significant project of engineering and building all our doors and windows. For the next 20 years doors and windows would be the focus of my woodworking business all the while dabbling with furniture. As I developed my design skills, I also refined my workmanship and attention to detail.

My doors and windows are most commonly built with Douglas Fir, while my furniture is crafted from Plain and Figured Maple, Yew and Cherry, along with whatever local gems I've been able to reclaim along the way.

My passion is using traditional joinery to produce quality pieces, while exploring new designs, skills and methods in an ever-evolving learning curve.

Designing and creating custom one of a kind furniture is a very enjoyable and rewarding journey for both me and the client as we create something that transcends ages.

Sharing my passion, knowledge and skills with others is the biggest reward for me.