Sandra Lamb

I am always looking at ways to connect art with spirit and dedicated to the idea that the world needs more happy people.

Sandra seems to come by her love and talent in art honestly. There were several professional artists on her fathers side, including at least one mother who supported herself and her children with painting back in the 19th century. I picked up a crayon at about two years and that was that.

With a huge variety of styles and subject matter, Sandra can only describe her work as “a more abstract style”.

My work includes portraiture, cartooning, drawing, pen & ink, acrylics, watercolours, oils, chalk pastels, illustration, graphics, web design and more. I guess one could say that recently I have made a broad shift from the tighter, representational style to a more abstracted form. Lately, I have been doing some very upbeat stuff, but often, it has been somewhat reflective and surrealist. My challenge right now is to incorporate the abstraction into some of that surrealism. I have some ideas.

In the past year, with ever deepening commitment to her work, Sandra has found an avenue of thought that brings in the welcome addition of abstraction. In the effort to liberate her style from the constraints of realism, she has embraced a medley of the two or maybe three: the abstract, the real, the surreal.

Has anyone done this successfully? I don’t know. But I’m looking forward to seeing where this wonderful rabbit hole will take me.

When I am painting well, it is not me who is painting. Something bigger is at work.