Sally Podmore

My work is about life that inspires me - the dream is that my work inspires life. 

The biggest thing that influences Sally is time outside. She walks every morning in the forest before her day begins. Days when she's not working she is often on or near the water.

I have made art and been a collector of objects (namely from nature) since I can remember. One of my most telling early childhood memories was that my pants could never say up as my pockets were so loaded with mesmerizing rocks! I have always felt like nature is the most intense of magic and I suppose my work is a way of me trying to 'bottle' that. That said, I took a round about way to get to painting as a career. It wasn't until my first year of maternity leave after teaching high school for several years, that I really dove in. I intensely needed something to claim for myself and I think I couldn't deny my need to create any longer. Becoming a mom sort of crystallized things for me - as it often does. Since then I have been very dedicated to building my practice and my body of work. 

The more time that passes, the more I reconnect with and LOVE the work of Emily Carr and Lauren Harris. Both artists have also painted some of my favourite places on earth, and since my work is so rooted in place and the experience of it - that is fitting I suppose. 

I would say just about everything surprises me about my art. Just when I think I will know what the end result is going to be - things shift! My process is very flexible and intuitive. That means I have lots of happy accidents and surprises along the way. It is always interesting to me to see where things end up.