Ramona Gregory

I love making tangible functional pieces that bring people joy in their simple daily rituals.

Ramona looks to nature for inspiration, often referencing scientific method including scientific illustration. All of her original images are created with ink and watercolour. She focuses on contrast, inside vs. outside, light and dark.

I like to contemplate how we fit into the natural world, how we relate to flora and fauna, how the planet we live on impacts our pyche.

Good design is important to me, pottery has to feel right in your hands. I like to call my style "modern rustic."

She lives in the woods and likes to be in the mountains.

As soon as I started working with clay I fell in love with the medium. Since 2005 I have been working with clay while also balancing other jobs like tree-planting and raising children.

As her children grew Ramona and family settled into the Comox Valley, renovating an old barn into a studio, where she focuses on clay full-time. She also teaches clay classes at Lupine Art Studio and in the continuing ed program at NIC.

Things that inspire her: patterns and textures in nature, landscapes, things that despite having scientific explanations, seem magical ... crystals, prisms, snowflake patterns, symmetry, animal skeletons in the forest, geological layers, ocean creatures, and things unknown.

Even after working with clay for more than 15 years, there is still more to learn, always new ways of working with a material that is essentially ... mud!