Patti Lovell

Patti lived on West Redonda Island for 25 years and ran a supply depot/store for boaters, before moving to the Comox Valley in 1996.

Her job had many hats, as postmistress, gas dock attendant, liquor store sales, manager of store, employees, ordering supplies and more.

It was a wonderful life raising three children and running many boats as there were no roads, only water access. Once the kids moved away to high school I found the winters long as our business was seasonal.  

I saw a basket one day and loved it.  I wondered if I could make one. I looked at various ideas and then decided on Pine Needle Baskets.  I researched it and came up with the ones I make today.

Patti's baskets are made with Pine Needles and Raffia. She gathers the Pine Needles in the fall, soaks and washes them, then they are then dried until ready to use.

The baskets, although small, take about 5 hours to make and each one is a little bit different. I originally made them all plain and then I added a little dyed raffia to some. I use a split wheat stitch which looks spiral when finished.

I find sitting and making a basket calms me and is almost a meditation.