Patt Scrivener

I create vibrant paintings in an abstract style that make a bold statement. Something to add that spark of colour and personality to your neutral backdrop.

My creative development was inspired by the textures and colours of the rural Saskatchewan landscape where I was born and raised. To ward off boredom and to get out of pulling weeds, I spent many hours crafting and designing. I never was one for hot summer days so after I picked what seemed like a mile long patch of raspberries, I spent the afternoons in the cool of the basement where rather than playing with my dolls,I designed their wardrobes, furniture and houses.

I attended many classes and workshops on ceramics, floral design, silk painting, jewelry making, water colour and monoprinting.

In 2005, Patt took a week-long Mixed Media workshop with Maxine Masterfield which was the catalyst for her decision

to focus her creativity on painting. In 2007, she studied Life Coaching and in doing so became clear on her own vision. In 2008, Patt left the big city life behind and moved to Vancouver Island and pursued being a full-time artist.

Patt paints almost daily and facilitates workshops and coaches other creative people towards living their dreams.

I believe my past experiences are woven into my mixed media work. My love of colour and texture comes from all the years I have worked with fabric and flowers.