Patricia Banks

I believe that all creativity in the arts, nurtures the soul.

Patricia has been an artist in a variety of forms all of her life, but about 25 years ago, she felt an overwhelming need to paint. It was as if her life's work would not be accomplished if she did not paint. So, she took a few years’ hiatus from her nursing career and pursued her passion.

For me, the need to paint is like the need to breathe.

I am inspired by the beauty of the earth and sky. From the smallest detail of a pebble or flora and fauna, to the grandest of landscapes. Nature in all its glory, emotionally moves me to paint; to marvel at creation, and to try to capture the emotion of a fleeting moment, to share with others.

It is my hope that my paintings have a nourishing and healing effect; that my viewers experience the emotions of renewal I feel when I create paintings; and that they absorb the positive energy of the images I have been moved to paint.

When not creating her own work, Patricia also enjoys teaching and inspiring others through her art workshops.

I am always learning and I cannot stop painting. I need to paint, as I need to breathe.