Mussels and More Pottery

I didn't know I could draw until I started drawing. I didn't know I could paint until I started painting. I didn't know I was Artistic until I started making Art.

Jan first sat on a pottery wheel at the age of sixteen and was hooked. That was thirty-five years ago and making pottery suited the type of lifestyle she wanted to live. Little did she know back then that her laid-back, pottery-making lifestyle would turn into a whirlwind of immense work, dedication, physical and emotional wear and tear. Of course eventually, it blossomed into a time of contentment and inspiration.

Jan creates very decorative, but at the same time very functional, ocean-themed pottery. Just imagine the delightful feeling of baking and serving food out of a huge pottery seashell!

Her inspirations are nature, the ocean, the forest and their simplicity to be so beautiful.

What surprises her most about her work? That it is financially supporting ten people!