Merrilyn Laursen

I am fortunate to live, play and paint in Parksville, BC. on Vancouver Island.

Merrilyn started her journey in art with a box of crayons, pursued an Education degree with an art major, and taught art at the elementary school level for several years.

Born and raised in Burnaby, BC and raised her family in New Westminster, during which time she continued to nurture her creative side, dabbling in fabric arts and pottery.

Now retired and living in the seaside village of Craig Bay, she has time to capture the beauty of her surroundings.  Many of her watercolour and acrylic paintings are of local scenes around Craig Bay as well as memories of her travels.

Trees and skies and lichen-speckled shale have always captured my attention but retirement gives one the time to really look and enjoy their beauty. And so with new eyes, I try to grab hold of their essence with paint.

If I had a bumper sticker, it would say: 'I'D RATHER BE PAINTING.'"

Representational watercolour is my first love but my journey is now including acrylic painting and experimentation with abstract.