Matthew Freed

Pottery is complicated. Each piece is a complexity of nature, science and art.

Matthew Freed has had a love affair with pottery since the early 90s, starting off in Winnipeg at a local stoneware studio. Alas, his path and love affair were diverted for many years with several career changes and some long distant moves, until he landed in Vancouver and called it his home.

It was here that he was able to rejoin his journey with pottery … “to make a lifetime commitment to one another", he says. Since then, he has continued to develop his art through education and exposure to more seasoned clay artists.

Matthew’s style is calm and understated in its beauty. Both functional and sculptural at the same time.

There are an endless number of decisions that are made to get from the organic materials to the finished piece of art. And despite my best effort to control the variables that come together to form my art, there will always be a lack of complete control and a sense of uncertainty. But this makes the process mystical; sometimes joyful and sometime sinister.

Matthew works out of his home-based studio in Vancouver and lives happily together with his clay, as the adventure continues.