Marianne Enhorning

Painting is my voice, the place where I can express passions that words can’t reach.

Originally from Sweden, Marianne now lives and paints in the Comox Valley. I find great joy in community, children and natural beauty. I am passionate, positive and compassionate, especially when it comes to caring for our environment. 

Marianne creates evocative, dreamlike works in oil that are figurative, nature-influenced and abstractly architectural. Her art explores the division between modern society and nature, longing for a more harmonious world.

Women, community and nature continually inspire me, and I want to celebrate all three through my painting by expressing my deep gratitude to this beauty that surrounds me. 

Marianne is deeply influenced by her family heritage. She credits her grandmother as a big influence in her life, as well as the natural environment and dance.

She has spent many years alternating her time between natural and urban environments: on the West Coast as a kayak guide and in cities, working in architecture.

Sometimes the end product just happens. It is an unknown process that I couldn't repeat. I begin with a palette of paint, a new canvas and no preconceived ideas. When I raise my head I see an image true to my being that still evades words.