Lynn Symington

I do go back to painting and sculpting for a change of pace, but these beautiful pieces of nature always call me back.

Lynn retired from Edmonton, AB where she was a tole painter. She now lives and creates in Qualicum Beach. After spending a winter in Phoenix, Arizona, Lynn was introduced to the wonderful and whacky shapes and sizes of native gourds. Each piece that Lynn chooses seems to find its perfect design embellishment. From the sculptural to the truly hilarious, Lynn is never afraid to try out something new.

I took classes whenever I could and learned to pine needle weave from Vickie Echols in Texas. She is a master at the art and I thoroughly enjoyed learning from her. Gourds are not all that common in British Columbia, but they have been used for utilitarian purposes for centuries by the indigenous people of the southern US, and also as drums and to tell their stories in art.

The pine needles Lynn uses are from the Montezuma pine tree. They are soaked and dried and treated with glycerine to keep them supple.

What surprises Lynn most about her art is simply saying the word 'art' or 'artist' rather than craft.

I consider it play and when it turns out nicely, I surprise myself!