Loris Dawn Nygaard

I create everyday, it is my solace and my passion. Life is my art.

Loris Dawn is a self taught artist. She found herself drawn to the arts in school, particularly copper enamel, pottery, and painting. I’ve always loved nature, it inspires me with it’s beauty and colours.

She lives a blessed life being a mother, a homemaker and creator. She raised three confident, generous, happy children as a single mother.

In 1995, she took a stained glass course when a friend said there was one spot left in the class.That was the beginning of it all. She literally stumbled into it. I found that the colours were so inspiring, the excitement of working with glass had a nice buzz of adrenaline, and I discovered I could sculpt with wire creating 3-D pieces of artwork.

Loris Dawn had been a potter for years, swirling coils of clay and customizing the glazes and underglazes to create very unique work. That now resonates into her glass work where she twists wire to create the same swirling effects. I have always paid attention to the negative spaces in art, the spaces that are not forward and obvious, but after admiring, they are just as important.

Her work is intricate, ornate, one-of-a-kind, spiritual, colourful, and produces stimulating effects from the mesmerizing designs of her gem and filigree work.

What surprises her most about her art? How it evolves from concept, to choosing colour combinations, from the beginning to the end without much expectation, letting the moments make decisions. Completion after using the patina, changing the silver solder to black, waxing and polishing, then the moment I get to hang my work in the window and see the light through it, or when the I turn the switch on and the light shines through my work. That’s the best moment of surprise ... how it has all come together.