Liam Johnson

Scouring the beach for driftwood is my form of meditation.

Liam was born and raised on Salt Spring Island, BC and considers himself quite blessed to have a wonderful family close by, a most beautiful partner, and, as he gushes; an eight-month old daughter who is the most remarkable inspiring happy young lady I have ever met. I am grateful to be alive.

He admits that searching for driftwood on the beaches is a little bit of an obsession of his … but then he also sees it as his form of meditation. And the best thing for Liam is, driftwood is a completely renewable resource.

I have always been into Driftwood art, not just crib boards. The first crib board I attempted had only 97 holes, hand drilled and hideous looking. Since then they have come a long way.

Liam’s Dad, who has a carpentry background, has always made things from driftwood too, so Liam comes by it honestly. My Dad gave me a pocket knife at a young age and I have been carving things out of wood ever since. I would say my Dad has been the most creative influence in my life. 

What I like about it most is its simplicity and elegance. It's not only a bunch of holes drilled into a piece of wood. Each piece is unique and has a story to tell. The key is to keep the live edges in tact and show off the curves. I believe each piece of wood has beauty and soul and I find ways to show it off.