Kevin Mackenzie

I live in a place that allows me to create as I do.

From learning to work metal at a young age with his grandfather, to honing his skills with work in welding shops, Kevin has combined his ability to sketch his ideas with his metal working and is now a full time artist living and working on Quadra Island.

Nature and our community inspire many of the creations that manifest from our studio.

Using various metals, wood, rocks and glass, Kevin uses his considerable talents to create metal marine life as well as architectural tables inspired by the forest and sculptures celebrating our wonderful life here on the West Coast.

Whether working alone or on a collaboration with another artist, Kevin is grateful to be able to show his appreciation for this place through his love of it and by utilizing his abundant artistic abilities.

He has also recently opened his own gallery on Quadra Island. Raven Song Gallery is well worth a visit if you are up that way anytime soon.