Kevin Johnson

I wish more people would share these passions with me.

A quiet artist living on the west coast of Canada, Kevin is very passionate about wildlife and nature. He enjoys all forms of art and loves to talk to others about art and wildlife.

He hopes that after seeing his art others might develop an interest in something that normally wouldn’t interest them.

I think our interests are what drives us … you have to have deep feelings for what you do and believe in it. If you don’t, especially for artists, it shows in your end product. I am passionate about wildlife so that’s what I focus on in my research, art, and free time.

I have always drawn in some form or another since I was young. I think as I matured my focus allowed me to spend the time and pursue my art to the level that I am at today. It always for me goes back to childhood and the drive to create with my hands.

Kevin portrays West Coast wildlife and nature with a photo-realistic style and approach. A style of art that when people see it they question themselves on the fact that it is done with a simple pencil.

Like many other artists, Kevin looks to fellow artists for inspiration to create, explore, and to push the limits of what he can do. His other major influence is the outdoors. Whether it’s a location or a situation or subject, just being out there helps in my creative process.

Every piece I do is a struggle at one point. Then problems are worked out and solutions found and the final piece shows well in the end.

I think what surprises me most about my art and process is what I seem to be capable of accomplishing with simple tools.