Katy Fogg

It is my goal to make some of the simple things in life locally, with intention and integrity.

My current work focuses on two types of pottery: functional crystalline pottery and some wood fired pottery. The crystalline pottery is a special process that produces pieces that have a sparkle to them.

Katy has a background in Environmental Studies and is passionate about her community, sustainability, and humanity's place as a part of nature. She has been potting since 1995 and in 2003 it became her full time work.

I love science as much as I love art and bring that to my work through glaze creation and attention to detail. I find pottery to have such incredible depth; there seems to be at least a few lifetimes worth of exploring to be done in this medium.

She is a mum of two little ones that are a huge source of daily inspiration … and though I make a point of letting them distract me from my work I, find my time in the studio to be focused in a way it never was before I had children.

My kids let me daydream all day of the pots I make once they are tucked in bed.