Katherine Moore

I would describe my work as casual, West Coast, funky and fun.
Katherine describes herself as, an artist, a gardener, and a minor foodie. Her glass work changes and evolves all the time. Pretty things catch her eye during the day and she follows her instincts to explore them. She approaches her glass work with a keen sense of playfulness and observation. There are inquisitive crows and boisterous piggies in glass, set on a background of wood. This is an unusual approach to working with glass and Katherine has made it work.

Her gardening and studio assistants are two very spoiled cats and her incredibly helpful husband, Trent.

I first learned how to make stained glass windows in 1997 after several years of working with glass as a hobby I had an opportunity to work in a glass shop and make windows professionally. While at the glass shop, I began to work with fused glass and it has been my passion for several years now.

For Katherine, opening the kiln the next day is like Christmas morning every time. Sometimes it is a happy day and sometimes it is a disappointing day, but she always returns to try it again.

I am constantly inspired by other local artists. Vancouver Island is absolutely teeming with fantastically creative people.