Kat Cearns

When I am not painting, I am hiking, biking, beekeeping or tending a large garden.

Kat Cearns was born in Quesnel, BC, and now makes her home on Vancouver Island. She lives with her family on a small acreage where she grows food and flowers and finds constant inspiration for her whimsical paintings.

The calling to create art has been with her always. Since childhood, Kat drew animals and shared them with others. As she made her way through school she encountered many talented and encouraging teachers who inspired her to continue her practice and hone her considerable skills.

Although Kat has been drawing for her whole life, she only picked up a paint brush in high school. Where her drawings were more methodical and realistic, painting gave her a licence to be more bold and impressionistic in her creations.

In 2009, Kat was accepted into Capilano College’s very competitive IDEA program for illustration and design. At IDEA she met teachers who were also professional artists, illustrators, and designers. They taught her more about painting in one year then she had learned in her whole life. Inspired by these mentors, Kat has gone on to focus on painting and in creating her own playful style.

I like to play with movement, light and emotion. I hope people feel a connection to the characters and environments I depict. My aim is to bring joy, and an appreciation of nature.