Judy McArthur

Bowser's own Judy McArthur makes the most delicious preserves you can imagine, from recipes she has created herself!

At the age of five, Judy's mother taught her the art of "wildcrafting" ... one who picks from the wild and creates amazing edibles, bursting with flavour and goodness.

Judy's delcious perserves, now made exclusively for the Salish Sea Market, continually make people happy.

She offers these unique flavours:
Saskatoon Sambuca Jelly, Blackberry Bayleaf Jam, Crabapple Coqnac Jelly,
Quince Vanilla Jelly,
Candied Cranberries with Port, Mango Chutney,
and Indian Peach Pickle

Each of Judy's flavours will add a certain sparkle to the holidays ~ as a wonderful addition to your own holiday entertaining, or tucked into a gift basket with cheese and crackers! They make a perfect hostess gift and are always a much appreciated stocking stuffer!

It's time to stock up!

From the best ingredients and Judy's skillful artistry, delicious is created.