Judy McArthur

I have been wildcrafting since I was 5 years old. 

But making preserves wasn't always what Judy thought she would be focussed on. She spent many years perfecting the art and craft of pottery. Then one day, it was clear that she could not continue due to problems breathing. 

With her raku days at an end, Judy wanted to create something new, and so she started making preserves. This is something she learned at an early age from her Mother, and has always been a dedicated "wildcrafter" ... one who picks from the wild and creates amazing edibles. 

She had a thriving business with a partner, who eventually bought her share of the business. 

Judy now creates "Cravings" especially for the Salish Sea Market ... and we couldn't be happier!

The freshest ingredients create the best finsihed product!