Judy Hancock Holland

I like to invite the viewer to rest in a moment of awe at the beauty of creation.

Judy Hancock Holland is passionate about embracing the beauty in everyday life and sharing it through her photographic art. This is a spiritual practice for me; a way of acknowledging and giving thanks for the many gifts we encounter every day but are sometimes too busy to stop and appreciate.

I initially explored photography in my late teens and twenties. Upon retirement I found myself drawn back into it when a friend loaned me a camera. Since then I’ve devoted myself full time to learning and practising. It’s a joy for me to immerse myself in my craft for thirty to forty hours a week.

Judy’s creates intimate portraits of her subjects. From flowers to rusty old trucks, to birds, to the hands of grandmothers, rather than conventional portraits, she captures the details. I’ve always been drawn to the small miracles of life, so concentrating on closeup work has been a very natural emerging of my personal style.

Georgia O’Keeffe, Imogen Cunningham, Yousef Karsh, Edward Weston, Robert Mapplethorpe, these are some of the well known artists who inspire Judy. Their mastery of light and form are delicious to me. My sister has also been an influence … she is a jeweller and the way she showcases jewels on black velvet has influenced the way I often present subjects on a black background

I never thought of myself as artistic when I was younger, but my delight in light and curves and textures finds expression through the lens. When I create a piece that works, it brings me joy.