John Taylor

My background has been in the wholesale building supply trade, but I have always created things.

John’s Grandfather was a retired British Merchant ship Captain, who could usually be found in his little woodworking shop making a variety of crafts.

I Inherited my grandfather’s tools and began to hone some skills as a wood worker.

“Apprenticing” with a local glass artist, John turned his focus from woodworking towards glass and metal creations. Jewelry was soon the number one craft. The first pendants were old silver plate filigree cut and shaped to fit glass cabochons. Over the past 20+ years John’s pendants have evolved to the creations that are available today.

I draw inspiration from the beauty of natural things, and I like the challenge of creating a piece from simple materials, with little emphasis on the perceived “value” of so called “precious” commodities. The purpose of my pieces is to create delight in the wearer, without the pretense of precious metals and stones.

Recently retired, John is busy playing guitar and creating new jewelry to bring pleasure to necks around the world.