Joanne Giesbrecht

The interplay of light and beauty fascinate and inspire me…

Joanne is captivated by the light shining through the forest trees, on the tips of the fur of an animal, or on the cheek of a child. I see that beauty all around me, and so I see a painting waiting to be created everywhere I look.

Having always wanted to be 'an artist', Joanne took courses and painted in her spare time. Then in 2008, a major health challenge caused her to reassess her life, and this was the beginning of her full time work as an artist.

When asked how she would describe her work to a total stranger, she said,

I 'paint life in glowing terms', (which is my art tag line). I paint ordinary things in dramatic, colourful and light-filled ways, so the viewer might see and appreciate them in new and unique ways.

Spending time in nature is a huge creative influence for Joanne. You will often find me out walking – the beaches, neighbourhoods, hiking paths – and taking photos of anything I see which inspires me, which may or may not end up in a painting.

She also spends time reading inspirational books on being a 'creative' by a variety of authors. They have been helpful in encouraging her to continue on the creative path, even when it may seem difficult.

Then there are the art museums and galleries. Spending time in an art museum, seeing work by the Old Masters, checking out modern Masters, and being surrounded by fantastic art (like at Salish Sea Market) makes me want to run home and get busy at my easel.

I think what surprises me most about my art is how different people respond to it. I am always thrilled when a piece evokes an emotional response in the viewers, brings a smile, a tear, or evokes memory. For me, that is such a huge reward for the time and effort I have poured into each of my pieces.

I love being part of an arts community where other artists and their passions influence me to continue being true to the artist I was created to be.