Jennifer Blair

Timeless, one of a kind glass jewelry and accessories heavily inspired by nature and all the magic of the West Coast.

Jennifer is self taught. She started her business in Toronto in 2007 and when she moved to BC in 2010 her work started to really shift, influenced by a slow life on the west coast surrounded by lush rainforest.

I stumbled into a glass store/studio in my neighbourhood and started buying scrap glass, creating tiny pieces in my home and bringing them back to the studio to have them fire my work in their kilns. In no time I was selling my pieces and made enough to buy my first kiln. I’ve been self employed ever since.

Jennifer’s biggest creative influence … anyone who has their own vision and isn't scared to branch out and do their own thing, working hard at finding the right audience for their work. There's something out there for everyone. Nature is definitely my biggest inspiration.

What surprises her most about her art? How much it changes without me fully realizing it, until I go through archives and see all the skills and techniques I have tried, perfected and discarded.

Her creative process begins with visual inspirations ranging from thrift stores, items collected on nature walks to photographs in preparation to arrange and design every piece from scratch. Each mountain is hand cut, every tree, hand-painted. All raw art glass is cut, designed, layered and fired in one of her two kilns, then cooled. All finishing techniques – cold working the glass, grinding, wire wrapping and assembling, is done by Jennifer’s own hands, ensuring an original and quality product every time. 

Jennifer recently discovered a love for the chemical reactions that occur between glass and certain metals like copper and silver. When fired together, they create fascinating shifts in colour and texture. This is something she will be experimenting with a lot in the future!