Janet McDonald

I believe in protecting our natural world.

I paint the natural world to remind me of the beauty that we need to protect. Like the ripples from a stone thrown into a pond, the effect of what we do on a daily basis (or don't do) has an impact on Mother Earth and her inhabitants. What will your impact be?

Janet is a Nanaimo based fine artist working in acrylic and oils. She lives her passion – painting the natural world as well as people around her. Colour, light and radiating texture are all elements she uses to support her paintings' concepts and create her unique style.

Janet re-discovered her artistic talents in mid-life. (Now that’s a good crisis!) She is primarily self taught but also takes numerous workshops from locally renowned artists to round out her skills. She regularly shows at the Nanaimo Art Walk in winter and the Comox Originals Only Show in summer.

I believe in fun and functional art – so I have used a selection of my paintings as the images for my Fine Art Pillows. These durable, washable, cotton/linen blend pillows are sure to brighten up any space.