James Sneddon

I am an avid fisherman, traveller and artist. Also a former junior hockey player. I create artwork out of passion.

His early life was all about sports. As a hockey and lacrosse player, athletics were his original passion. Each day was filled with training, practice or big games.

Two years into his junior hockey career, he suffered a severe shoulder injury that forced him away from the life in which he felt comfortable and safe.

With his routine changed for the foreseeable future, James unexpectedly landed upon a new/old passion: Art. By trading in my hockey stick for a paint brush and pen I found myself reconnecting and rediscovering the outdoors. I started by simply combining my favourite West Coast colours on Dollar Store canvases. With a little time and practice this act slowly translated into a style that I feel is a combination of Abstract and Post-Impressionism.

James is inspired by time spent on the west coast and northern parts of Vancouver island.

I find the raw unkempt nature of the west coast both rewarding and continuously challenging.