HB Shorebirds

HB Shorebirds is the husband and wife team of Hash and Brenda! He carves, she paints the carvings. A perfect synergy of talents.

After many years of living and working in Vancouver, Hash and Brenda are now enjoying retired life in Qualicum Beach on Vancouver Island. We both have a love of the outdoors and wildlife, spending our vacation time on birding and wildlife adventures. Residing on Vancouver Island now, allows us the opportunity to live in the environment we love so much.

Hash has always had an interest in birds and the idea of carving shorebirds really appealed to him. Painting not so much … enter Brenda, who took to painting the birds along the style of the old east coast traditional shorebird carvers.

Using yellow cedar predominantly, initially the carvings were decoys in the tradition of the early east coast carvers. Gradually Hash has moved on to the two legged mantle style bird. Inspiration for the carvings comes from the birds that frequent the coastal shorelines of Vancouver Island, such as: sandpipers, dunlins, black-bellied plovers, yellow legs and oyster catchers.

Meeting David Parks of Port Alberni (a master carver of great distinction) inspired Hash to try his own hand at carving in the mid 90’s. He is most indebted to David for sharing his vast knowledge and carving wisdom along the way. Also of interest were the books portraying shorebird carvings of the early 1900’s along the eastern seaboard.

The fact that “someone else” may consider something we made worthy enough to go home with them, gives us both great joy!