Greg Falys

My interest in woodwork goes back a long way. During the building my custom home I started to produce wood pieces to make the home feel warm and welcoming. I created frames around mirrors, shelves, and a unique "S" shaped table for the centrepiece of the house.

Family and friends started to see Greg's work and asked him to produce large pieces. As he created the larger pieces, he realized he needed to utilize wood remnants, so he began to make wooden spoons and unique serving boards. Letting nothing go to waste.

His process of creating starts by exploring wood suppliers stock. The wood is sourced from reputable sources and is typically cured indoors for one year per inch of wood.

I love strange, unloved, unique piece with lots of pattern and grain. The wood does the rest.

Hours are spent revealing wood grain through shaping and sanding. Every time a layer is removed one is able to see deep nature of the wood.

The final stage of the process is finishing pieces with earth friendly and food safe finishes.

Creating wood pieces that people will enjoy for years to come makes me feel my work is worthwhile.