Francine van der Schoot

I thrive on physical activity, variety, travel, culture, music, books, food, dance, spirituality, and my relationships.

I’ve always enjoyed making things, from baking when I was small, to sewing, spinning, weaving and dyeing wool or making candles. Jewelry came about when I was on a two year temporary assignment doing a very cerebral job and living in a hotel in Victoria during the week. I started taking jewelry classes at Skanda and kept finding myself there and losing track of time ...

Francine takes great joy and pride in creating beautiful jewelry. She uses only precious and semi precious gemstones to make unique designs that are contemporary yet classic. Her materials come from around the world and she is always looking for something a little different, something luxurious and beautiful.

I am inspired by beautiful places like the Alhambra, in Spain, Familia Sagrada, Chile, great painters like Joaquin Sorolla, great beauty that fills your heart and expands your soul, and of course the endless palette in nature. The first time I went to Kauai, I couldn’t believe how many shades of green there were!

My art is the most meditative, relaxing and timeless way to spend time, listening to Baroque music and being immersed in creating.