Elissa Anthony

Not completely realism, but not exactly expressionism. Perhaps representational or, some say, hyper-realism.

I didn’t set out to be a landscape artist, but moving to Vancouver Island changed all of that; my artistic path seemed to become obvious.

Elissa started with painting the flowers in her new garden but soon started exploring landscapes, the first being a seascape of Botanical Beach. That seems to be when her paintings took on a life of their own. My heart soars when I am in my studio creating these paintings.

My earliest influence was Georgia O’Keeffe. I saw her show at the Chicago Institute of Art in 1987 and I was hooked. Not only was she a great artist but a woman I could relate to in life terms.

Growing up not far from Kleinberg, Ontario, Elissa took regular visits to the McMichael Canadian Art Collection. Marveling at the extensive collection of the Group of Seven paintings, she was particularly drawn to the informal flowing look, yet technically superb work of Lawren Harris and AJ Casson.

Seeing EJ Hughes’ work for the first time in 2005 was the revelation she needed to confirm she had found her perfect artistic path.

Every painting I complete teaches me more about myself. This is a wonderful journey of living and learning.