Ed Oldfield

I love exploring tidal zones looking for marine life, images, shapes, and patterns I can use in my work.

Ed Oldfield works hard and enjoys a good challenge. For the last twenty-seven years, that challenge has been Raku pottery.

Raku pottery is created with a multi-stage process which results in amazing colours, texture and shine not seen in other types of pottery. It is not possible to predictably get the same results twice so each firing is an exciting 'find' when it’s all done. This also makes each piece truly one-of-a-kind.

I have been interested in Visual Art since I can remember. At an art teachers’ conference in 1989, I saw an amazing Raku pot created by Wayne Ngan of Hornby Island which impressed me with its impeccable surface glaze. I set about trying to learn everything I could about Raku. A little reading, a bit of building, some firing, some glazing, many mistakes, some success, and twenty-seven years later I have a basic understanding of the Raku process. Along the way, Ed was encouraged to get his work "out there" and has been delighted by the support and success he has received.

Ed says his work is based entirely on what he sees and experiences in nature. Because I live on BC's. coastline that is my main influence. I love exploring tidal zones looking for marine life, images, shapes, and patterns I can use in my work. His biggest creative influence is the ocean.

From his Powell River studio, Ed has developed a unique style and subject matter for his Raku pottery. He is known for his sculptural fish, his barnacle lamps and vases, and his colourful sea stars.

Artists who have influenced his work include: E.J. Hughes, Emily Carr, Wayne Ngan, Pablo Picasso, and his high school art teacher, William Calder.

When asked what surprises him most about his art, Ed said: The unpredictability of glaze colours due to the number of variables over which you have little to no control. When it comes to getting answers about the finer aspects of Raku you are on your own which is both frustrating and rewarding.

I try to learn something new every day. My family is my everything.