Douglas J Fisher

Douglas J Fisher aspires to create thought-provoking and inspiring works of art by combining artistic vision with superb craftsmanship.

I was selling miniature acrylic landscape paintings (2 x 3 inches) in the early 1990s when I mentioned to a friend that I wanted to add something else to offer customers. He asked me if I would like a home-built lathe that he was getting rid of and I said yes. I started out selling very small perfume bottle-like forms that I would drill a hole into and insert a glass vial with a screw top. I would then turn a finial type top and glue it over the plastic screw top. This short foray into turning continued for awhile until I took the plunge into turning full time in 1997.

Doug is inspired by people, architecture, textures, shapes … his ideas come from everything that has gone on throughout his life. From everything he’s seen, music he’s listened to, performances he’s watched, everything. I think we are a culmination of our experiences and we are influenced by everything around us.  

Previous employment and life-inspirations: Underground gold miner (driller and blaster), ironworker (high rigger), photographer, actor, musician, overhead crane operator, correctional officer (maximum security jail), paper mill worker, grain elevator worker, group home operator, goalie equipment maker, bartender, carnival worker, real estate sales … and the list goes on!

When asked how he describes his unique turning/carving work to strangers, Doug responded – this is best done with photographs which I carry on my phone! It’s true, Doug’s work is best experienced visually as words cannot capture its unique and powerful energy fully.

When not in the studio, you might find Doug performing in the theatre, pursuing his other ongoing passion of photography, or teaching others his unique style of wood turned sculptures.